About School Vision of Education

Education is a process of liberation of the human mind from ignorance, prejudice, superstition and to widen the capacity to learn, understand and realize one's potentials in every sphere.To build a just and fraternal Society by character formation of students enabling them to realize their mental, physical and spiritual abilities for their own good and the welfare of humanity.To help students stand up for universal values and human rights to be able to solve problems and pass on the good they have received.

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A pupil will be eligible to appear in the session ending I Examination if he/she has completed 90% attendance.Leave to a student for absence is granted only on an I application to The principal, throu.....


The student should complete the age of 3 & 1/2 years on 31st March of the year of the admission in class nursery. The age for admission in other classes will be regulated accor.....